graphic + motion designer

Esports Design

Rocket League

I’m a huge fan of the game, Rocket League. occasionally, I’ll do concept works revolving around the esports scene of the game.

Customization Items

In Rocket League, you’re able to equip different banners, decals, antennas, toppers, and more to customize your car to the fullest. I created some mock-ups for these customization items (+ hypothetical stickers) revolving around some esports organizations that are (or were) in Rocket League.

Player Posters

A series of posters starring players from the top tier of Rocket League esports, the Rocket League Championship Series.

Rocket League Rival Series

A few pieces I worked on with the Rival Esports production team for the inaugural season of the Rival Series.

Prize pool breakdown

Prize pool breakdown

Games for the week (unused)

Games for the week (unused)

Schedule for RLRS/RLCS broadcasts

Schedule for RLRS/RLCS broadcasts

Battlerite Pro League

As apart of Rival Esports, we produced Season 3 of the Battlerite Pro League. I was responsible for creating a score bug (and animation).


CS:GO Scoreboards

Hypothetical scoreboard for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.